25 Feb 2012

Police vehicles...

Been a bit side tracked on other projects but a recent trip to a Tesco Home Plus to look at futons (!) allowed for a brief diversion to the toy aisle and the purchase of two packs of three Emergency vehicles. Each pack contained a police car, ambulance van and a police tow truck. The latter will be converted into something to be decided but I took the opportunity to repaint one of the ambulances up as a police transit.

This was a simple enough process repainting the green checks blue, darkening the middle side windows with a was of Badab Black and painting over the ambulance insignia and applying some 'Police' decals from ASB Models (who provided the useful reverse one for the bonnet).

All models were satin varnished before running some black wash in the recesses (neatly done this gives any toy car a lot of depth but you need to apply the varnish as wash runs off gloss) and then applying some weathering.

Hopefully I'll get the ambulance and remaining commercial vehicles finished soon, along with a lorry I also bought at Tesco's. ASDA have a great bendy-bus on sale (two for £8) and I have a fledgling idea for one that I'd like to see if I could pull off...


  1. Pretty good find mate. And they certaintly look great when painted.

    Well done!

  2. Ambulance to Police Van is excellent!

  3. Those are great. Really nice jobs. I wish we had a Tesco around here. It seems like they have some cool stuff.

  4. Very good work. Makes me wish my zombie project was 28mm instead of 15mm!

  5. They look great. I'm off to Tesco.

  6. Tesco is great for toy cars, they have a new range their at the moment

  7. I don't know Tesco, but i love this paintjob on the vehicles and the figures!


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