10 Jan 2012

And the dead will rise...

Zombies... Like many wargamers I love them but despite playing them in fantasy and Weird War Two games and had many hours fun with Twilight Creations' Zombies!!! I have never tacked zombies in a contemporary setting as a tabletop wargames project. However, with three packs of Wargames Factory 28mm zombies amongst my son's Christmas presents the time has now come!

Both Saul and I love The Walking Dead but 28 Days/Weeks Later is also very popular here and having a slight apathy towards the traditional US zombie background I have decided to set our gaming in a zombie infected UK which should also make it easier to obtain vehicles and scenic items.

There is also another reason for choosing a UK background. I have been slowly working on a contemporary UK Civil War project (England Prevails) and I realised that the soldiers, police and militia units I intend to raise for that could do double duty fighting zombies (as could scenery and some vehicles).

Rules wise whilst All Things Zombie is very popular (and we may gravitate towards them) we are going to kick off with Apocalypse Z, a zombie Battlefield Evolution supplement from Exploding Goat Games as the basic game is highly playable and I picked up copies of both off eBay for 99p each.

With other demands on my time I suspect blogging on Undead Kingdom will be in fits and starts but there is an appetite ("brainsss...") to get the risen dead on the table and start double tapping them in the head to make sure they stay down!

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  1. I can recommend the 2 Hour Wargames Zombie rules. It's what our groups uses. Look forward to seeing how things develop.