31 Jan 2012

Armed police...

Having some zombies painted I decided the next thing to do was to paint someone to shoot them! Enter some of Urban Beat's armed British Police (the packs have been revised and additional figures added since I bought mine last year).

The first four are standard armed police with MP5 smgs. One figure (now in the character pack) was bareheaded and bald which I didn't like so I painted on a Liquid Green Stuff balaclava.

The second four are CO19 Counter-Terrorist Police, similar to the Armed Police but with different weaponry and wearing baseball caps instead of peaked police caps. They are similar enough to the first pack to be merged into one single unit.

For gaming purposes both will be categorised as SWAT teams in Apocalypse-Z.


  1. Those are very nice minis with excellent paintjobs. That's a great idea to use the Liquid Green Stuff to make the balaclava. I have some zombies on whom I'd like to add shirts. Maybe the Liquid Green Stuff can work for that.

  2. More firepower! You van never go wrong there!!!

  3. Have you experimented much with Apocalypse Z? I have the rules but decided they weren't to my tastes. I liked bits of it and felt it required to much modding