3 Feb 2012


I've been pondering cars for a while and whilst I don't need/want too many for Undead Kingdom they can prove useful and I do need some in England Prevails so they can do double duty. Reading Shinto Kamikaze's Zed Men Walking blog I noted that Tesco was flagged as a useful source so popped in this morning to see what they had.

They had two packs of Fuel Line Dream Cars, one with the kind of thing you see on Top Gear (which I ignored) and one with a Mercedes SLS, Jaguar XKR and BMW Z4 (not uncommon on British streets) priced at just under £6 for three.

Not happy with the high gloss finish, I satin varnished them then added a bit of weathering using GW washes. The Merc looked a bit over done until I stuck my head out and looked at my neighbours silver cars and saw how dirty they had got of late.

I also picked up a couple commercial vehicle packs which are being worked on as well to look a bit realistic.


  1. Nice job on those. I especially like the job on the black one.

  2. Very nice I'd also recommend some of there trucks. I picked one up back in October but they still have them on the shelves for £4.00

    Here's mine with some KKBB figures for scale theres 3 altogether a Tesco one that Shinto has the red courier one like mine and a Blue Moose one

    1. I'll pop down Tesco Extra tomorrow (hopefully the wife won't notice!) :-)

    2. He He fingers crossed for your stealth mission :D

  3. Really looking good. I need to do some weathering on my cars.

    Looking forward to the next ones mate

  4. Your blog is looking excellent. Can't wait to see how this project develops.