5 Feb 2012

Commercial vehicles...

Along with the cars picked up from Tesco came these commercial vehicles (three in a set for a fiver) which I have dirtied up to look as though they have been in heavy use straight off a construction site (who has time to wash their car during a zombie apocalypse anyway?).

One of the lorrys came with two recycling bins which make perfect scenery for games and weathered up to resemble those seen on British high streets and supermarket car parks.


  1. I'm gonna get these now. I've seen these alot and even when I took a figure in with me thought they didn't look right. But I've changed my mind now.

    You should check out these forums for Zombie Apocalypse related stuff.

  2. Those look perfect. They scale in well and you've done a great job on the weathering. We don't have any Tescos here but maybe they'll have something similar at one of the local Dollar Stores.

  3. The weathering is great!!! You have done a great job on these mate.

  4. They are excellent
    good weathering technique too.

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