14 Feb 2012

More zombies...

I managed to finish a few more zombies for the horde today, five from the Horrorclix range, a couple of old Copplestone that have been sat on "Lead Mountain" for a while and a D&D figure.

The Horrorclix figures have all been rebased and repainted to fit in with the Wargames Factory main horde. Some of the figures are noticeably larger than the WF ones but people are all different sizes and shapes aren't they? From left to right we have the Shambling Zombie, Zombie Patient, Zombie Lawyer, Hardhat Zombie and Sorority Zombie. I'm not keen on the shambling one but the hardhat and lawyer zombies are very good.

The two old Copplestone Metals have been painted using the same block then dip method along with a D&D Strahd Zombie which is suffering from a bit of backwards bend which I haven't managed to fix despite the old hot/cold water trick. Still it is not too bad for a zombie and the fantasy costume looks rather like that of the New Age folk you see wandering around Glastonbury.


  1. Shambling .....The horde is growing! Well done mate!

  2. Nicely Nicely.. The clix figures look really good

  3. Nice looking Z's.i especialy like your basing too.

  4. Very nice. I'm not a fan of the shambling Zombie, either. But buried in the horde, he'll be okay. My favorite is the Copplestone in the middle.